You know what my problem is?  I never test people in order to know them. I’m always afraid of that. I’m afraid of making them upset in a way. I don’t know. That’s why I  always know them too late even too wrong, cuz instead of testing them and making them to show themselves to me I start creating them in my mind, and in this case against all other cases of my life I’m so optimistic about people and they turn to a hero really soon!
I need to work on it.  I must give them  a chance to get angry, sad, hysterical,  intimate,… to see how patient, emotional, sensitive,  sociable,… they are. Oh I wish I weren’t too shy for that! And less afraid and more confident.
I’ve got to either dare to test them bravely or stop caring about knowing them! The second solution doesn’t sound like me so…
Get ready for my tests I suppose.


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