The truth has been always there. You find a way and move forward to it. As much as you get closer you live a happier life (but keep in mind you won’t be the happiest cuz there’s no ‘est’ or ‘most’ in the happyland! You can alwyas get closer) Sometimes it gets hard though, you may have to stay, or even move backwards! You can either accept the hardship and move on, or give up, turn around and obviously face the unhappy consequences cuz Hello you’re not facing the truth!! You have got to choose and  Your choice is based on your courage, strength and intelligence. What you choose doesn’t matter that much. If you can’t face the difficulties of moving towards  the truth go build up yourself and come back. What really matters is you be aware of all this, aware of ‘turning around’ aware of ‘giving up’ aware of  ‘the consequences’.  But  if you see the unhappy consequences however you’ve  made the  right choice, your on the wrong path!


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