some people are just assholes. That’s what they are! They probably can’t help it! They might have had some awful childhood or something, but now that’s what they are.

The fact that whenever we face them we start getting depressed  for a while and keep asking ourselves why and how and …. is just because we are too young and naive to know how shitty this world can be and how many jerks it’s capable of producing! This silly depression just shows that we haven’t lived enough and we aren’t experienced enough and we haven’t been in touch with the world and its humans closely. We mostly lived our lives in a dreamworld and we get shocked when we see someone acting so animalistic!

We just have to search more to see there are lots of them out there and it’s not something to become sad or feel sorry for! That’s what it is. That’s what it’s always been and will be. That’s life! It’d rather to be a piece of shit than a piece of candy! We just need to find a way to believe that the amount of shit is huge and there’s nothing much anyone can do about it!


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