The sadness!

I don’t know if it’s just a feeling for depressed people or it happens to everybody but there are some moments in life that you suddenly feel sad, and you feel you don’t like yourself, like you aren’t satisfied about who you are. It’s  just a feeling of sadness that happens in a moment and prolongs for some time, maybe a day maybe a week…  . And you just think: I’m sad. Im bored. I’m  tired as if it’s something  normal. As if that feeling just comes to you once in a while and there’s nothing you can do about it but waiting till it passes. But it’s not something normal, and it never passes! Or sometimes you just make up some reason for sadness, some invented  problems that makes you think your sadness has a real deep cause.
Here is what you’re gonna do. You just have to think deeper to find the reason of your sadness! There’s always a reason for that. It happens in your subconscious so you must think and dig it out! Most of the time it just disappears as soon as you find it! There’s no reason and there’s no sadness! The reason is mostely stupid and isn’t worth the sadness, trust me!


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