Who has lived happily ever after?


This has been a fucking concept through history! So many point of views, so many definitions! some of them real bullshit (is bullshit uncountable or I have to say bullshits?!), some of them somehow trustworthy but still not enough to rely on …

Some say Happiness is stop worrying about things. I have no idea how it’s even possible!

Some say Happiness is living in the moment. what if the moment is fucked up already?

Some say Happiness is being devoted to other human beings and feel real love which I don’t think it’s possible unless you’re being loved yourself. not for everybody!

Some say Happiness is living your own life as you want and not giving a shit about what other people think. Then you’d better find a cave as your isolated house and keep yourself away from the huge dump of hatred taken by the majority!

Some say Happiness is having a goal and trying your best to achieve it. My simple question is “Then what?! Aren’t we going to leave it and disappear one day?”

Some other say Happiness is trying to be SOMEONE so that we will be remembered by people for ever. My questions: 1.”People remember Hitler! Was he the happiest guy ever?”  2. “How on earth is being remembered after my death is gonna make me happy?! I’m dead for God’s sake!” 3.”Sure I know some names from history and I assume they used to be so great! But is knowing the names considered as “remembering”? And I’m making those dead guys happy by having this information?!”

To me Happiness is there for you when you whimsically find your own definition for it. A definition that doesn’t seem stupid to you and despite your hard efforts, you just can’t bitch about it.


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