nice and nasty!

Have you ever been obsessed by this thought that why the nice people are always sadder than the nasty ones? Most people believe this but what the reason could be?

Nice people by definition  are always supposed to say pleasant encouraging compliments to everyone even if they have to be dishonest. For example one friend had an awful piano performance and they say “wow! that was great!” in order not to make that friend sad or discouraged.

On the other hand the nasty people always say brutal unkind discouraging things even if they’re not being honest. One friend had a perfect piano performance and they say “wow! that was great” showing the exact converse expressions on their faces!

Now I want to relate these two opposite attitudes to happiness. Although we heard and read a lot about not caring what others think of us, our happiness is based on our need to be appreciated by others .

There is a fact that we intent to think that people are similar to us. We think they feel, analyse and do things exactly as we do.

So if we are a nice person and we are paid even extravagant compliments by others, we think they’re just being nice. so we don’t believe them, we don’t take their compliments seriously and we don’t feel good and appreciated.

On the other hand if we are a nasty person and we are subjected to unkind brutal comments about what we’ve done, we think they’re just being nasty. So we don’t believe them, we don’t take their comments seriously and we don’t feel bad and rejected and unloved!

 That’s why the nice ones are mostly sad and the nasty ones are mostly happy!



There are moments in life that you just hate life and whatever which is connected to it absolutely for no reason. All the intelligent people seem stupid, all the funny guys are lame, all your friends are lairs, you family is careless and ignorant, all the nice fellows are fake, the weather is too hot or too cold! And you don’t know to blame whom for it: the hormones? the society? the Human rights organization!

The only thing you know  is that life is so meaninglessly exhausting and pointless. The only desire that makes you feel relieved at these moments is death, is the end of this bullshit. Not that you want to kill yourself out of depression, but you are just sick of your existance! You want NOT TO BE anymore!

But all you really need is giving yourself some time. All these shitty moments will pass sooner or later and you feel life again as exhausting and pointless as it is. It happened many times before, so it will happen this time as well.


Faith is being aware of the fact that nothing has to be what it is, everything could be whatever YOU want them to be. Believing this is not as simple as being aware of it though, specially when what you want is nothing similar to what the majority wants.

I think the farther you are from this faith the sadder you are. This faith could lead to happiness, even if you never get to what you wanted, and lack of this belief deprives you of happiness, even if you reach what you wanted! But one step before this faith is KNOWING exactly what you want! Faith comes after this knowing.

I guess I found my definition of HAPPINESS! (refer to Happiness ) but I’m not happy yet even based on my own definition of it! Because fist of all I didn’t locate myself in life, I think I know what I want but I’m afraid of not wanting the other things!! and second of all I’m aware of the foresaid faith but I don’t really believe in it (which is bullshit! because if you don’t believe in something you are not really aware of it either)