Faith is being aware of the fact that nothing has to be what it is, everything could be whatever YOU want them to be. Believing this is not as simple as being aware of it though, specially when what you want is nothing similar to what the majority wants.

I think the farther you are from this faith the sadder you are. This faith could lead to happiness, even if you never get to what you wanted, and lack of this belief deprives you of happiness, even if you reach what you wanted! But one step before this faith is KNOWING exactly what you want! Faith comes after this knowing.

I guess I found my definition of HAPPINESS! (refer to Happiness ) but I’m not happy yet even based on my own definition of it! Because fist of all I didn’t locate myself in life, I think I know what I want but I’m afraid of not wanting the other things!! and second of all I’m aware of the foresaid faith but I don’t really believe in it (which is bullshit! because if you don’t believe in something you are not really aware of it either)


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