how stupidity survives

I understand that some people may not understand quite enough, what I don’t understand is why do they keep trying so hard not to understand! It seems they are so frightened of understanding! They are so afraid of thinking! So ashamed of using their mind!



You know that they’re not that different from other people and the only difference they have is being so sure about whatever they do or say, but they generate this need inside you that makes you long for their attention and approval all the time! Even though the logical side of you can find so many flaws and shortcomings in their character but in your subconscious you are obsessed with winning their admiration! You could be so annoyed by yourself if you found one of these confident normal people around you!

Be the one who people seek their approval! Be confident!

I miss him/her/it!!

When you can’t find what/who you would love to have, you start making him/her/it up in your dreamland, you start fantasizing about having him/her/it around your and enjoying him/her/it. After a while the realistic side of you wakes up and threatens you that you’re going crazy, that you should stop considering  your dreams so real and live like a normal sane human being! And you, who are freaking out about turning into an insane thing, deprive yourself of the dreamland, try to forget all about him/her/it and keep yourself busy with serious sane real stuff.

But suddenly in your normal sane life you see or hear something that reminds you of your made-up person/thing, reminds you of your dreamland and the joy you used to have there, and you miss him/her/it!! You literally miss someone/something that doesn’t exist! You miss the unreal!