Did you know that liers go to hell?!


This has been a valid statement during centuries. It has been repeated over and over in so many different ways, there have been movies, plays, stories and poems made based on this moral and reminded the human beings of the fact that LYING is bad.

EVERYONE is aware of it, EVERYONE agrees with it and EVERYONE hates being lied to,  even the professional liers!

But why nothing has changed so far? Why do we still lie to each other and still hate being lied to, even though we are all aware of this wise statement? Could it be because this valid statement is not practical?! Instead of accusing the liers of being immoral maybe we need to reprimand those who are being lied to, because they wouldn’t react reasonably if they were being told the truth! Maybe instead of repeating this statement over and over we need to strengthen ourselves to absorb the truth as bitter and unpleasant as it is, then see if LYING still survives in the world or not.

The BAD exists whether we are aware of it or not, because there is a reason for its existence and apparently it’s not going to just go away because we are AWARE of it.


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